SO-You have been trying to quit smoking but it’s difficult. Maybe you’ve tried other methods but still– you haven’t succeeded!!

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How To Quit Smoking In
30 Days Without Pills Or Stress

Everyone has heard all the doom and gloom about smoking and how it kills more people every year then died in WW2. And I could spend time filling you with facts about the lung disease that smoking causes. 


Lets be realistic. If putting pictures of burnt lungs on cigarette packages worked, then there would be no more smokers. RIGHT? 
So it only makes sense that if my programs were based on fear tactics, they will not work either. At no time do we use fear to help you quit. In fact it is just the opposite. We show you how to re-program your mind to become that of a non smoker by using the positive opposite methods.

When you use this quit smoking method, I tell you not to try and quit. Keep your same smoking habits. Allow the program to work and as it does your desires and cravings will fade away. And quitting and staying quit will not be difficult and you will not suffer anxiety or withdrawals. 

Keep reading and listen to the videos to find out how this will work for you. 

How can I be so sure that you can quit?

I was addicted to nicotine for many years of my life. I started smoking before the age of 10 and smoked for the next 36 years. The last 10 years I was smoking on the average of 3 packs a day, sometimes more. 

I tried to quit, using every different method available that I could find- but I was never able to kick the habit. I would manage to quit for a while, but I would always start again, and I had many excuses. And during those years of trying, the withdrawals and stress were horrendous.

Until one day in October of 1998 I changed my beliefs and my methods of quitting, and I became a non smoker by using the methods and techniques I am sharing with you in this program.
I went from a 3 pack a day smoker to a non smoker in one day Without withdrawals.

And since then I have never once had the desire nor ever been tempted to start again. No matter how much stress I was experiencing. 

Now I have a dream, and that is to help everyone achieve the freedom that I have today. I spent years working with others and perfecting this program so that I could share it with others wanting to quit.

Because when that day came that I left my addiction behind, I did not feel stress or withdrawals, I felt freedom, freedom from that nicotine that had control of me for most of my life. And instead of feeling anger like I had before, I was full of grateful energy, enthusiasm and self confidence. I was free. And I am still free. And you will be too.  

                                                                  Listen to the testimonial of James and his experience using my EZ-Quit Smoking Method. 

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My Personal Fight With Smoking

I worked as an entertainer and smoked for most of my life. My smoking habit got totally out of control as I had worked my way up to 3 packs a day. After smoking that heavy for so many years the chest pains were starting to scare me. Even the guys in my band told me I had to quit smoking or I’d have to quit singing, it was affecting my voice that much!

I knew it was time I took the whole quitting game seriously if I wanted to see my son grow up. At that time my boy was 11 years old. When I thought of not being there for him because of my smoking habit I decided that it was time for me to stop using excuses for not being able to quit.

I Was Scared…

Isn’t it wonderful how my favorite habit could cause me such misery? That’s right, smoking was my favorite bad habit, or at least that is what I kept telling myself. (I cringe now when I remember those words and the thought of what could have happened if I had not quit) I tried the Patch, Nicotine Replacement Gum and all the Will Power I could muster but I had no success and I was scared.

No Success Trying To Quit Smoking, I Get It!

I tried to quit over and over again, sometimes I lasted a few days, other times I was able to last a few weeks. On one attempt I even managed to quit for 6 years, but the stress of going through a divorce and I was lighting up again.

The Perfect Excuse To Keep Smoking

I even convinced myself that I could quit cigarettes ANYTIME if I really wanted to, but I just didn’t want to yet. The truth was I was addicted and wouldn’t admit it. 

What are addictions and what is nicotine addiction?

Listen to this video for the answers.

You can win at the QUIT SMOKING GAME, because during the program, you                                      will  find it a game, A GAME that you can win. 


You have no doubt heard that smoking is the hardest habit to break. In fact I have heard it said that it is as hard or harder as quitting a heroin addiction I can tell for a fact that this is not true.

I have never tried heroin, however I have helped hundreds of smokers quit And the withdrawal from nicotine does not even remotely compare to the hell  I witnessed while helping heroin addicts quit. So don’t let that Belief give you the excuse to keep smoking.

Research has proven that-There are 2 parts to an addiction– the physical addiction, and the mental psychological addiction to smoking.

 72 hours after your last cigarette all the nicotine has left your body, after that it is the emotional, mental, psychological part of the addiction that you need to leave behind.If you start again 6 months, or 6 years later, then it is because you have not dealt with the mental part of the addiction.

That is why nicotine replacement methods don’t have a high success rate. They have not dealt with the mental part of the addiction.

The difference between a non smoker and someone who has quit, is that a non smoker never thinks of lighting a cigarette to deal with stress. Someone who has quit, and who has not dealt with the mental part of the addiction, IS JUST A SMOKER WITHOUT CIGARETTES, And there is a high possibility of them starting again.

An addiction can be described as–Anything repeated over and over again, becomes a habit, keep repeating it and it can become an addiction. This is how your addiction to smoking happened.

When you feel stress, you light a cigarette to help you relax. And the truth is that nicotine does trigger a natural chemical release into your blood stream that helps bring relaxation.

But we can learn to have the same effect using other techniques, for example Meditation or self hypnosis. And these are natural activities that you can benefit from.

                          100%Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after 30 days, I will refund your money no questions asked     

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Why we are different from other Self-Hypnosis Programs

The EZ-Quit Smoking program was born from my own life’s struggles with smoking – not reading about the topic just to sell self-help programs.

Over my life, I have fought obesity, cigarette addiction, near bankruptcy, divorce and the death of my entire immediate family. I look back at my life’s struggles and I am amazed that I survived. I believe that it is only through the methods and techniques that I developed and now share in my “Ez Quit Smoking” program are what gave me the power to conquer my cigarette addiction for good.


Hypnosis is a very powerful tool that teaches you to communicate with the sub-conscious mind by bypassing the analytic conscious mind.

However, after working with others for many years I discovered that everyone does not learn the same way or at the same rate. The same techniques do not necessarily work for everyone. I was determined to create a program that was more than just hypnosis that would work for anyone and achieve the desired results.

As I am trained in what many alternative health experts believe are some of the most effective self-help approaches to alternative health, I decided to combine these programs into a single power-packed approach. 

By combining- self-hypnosis with the powerful NLP techniques– EFT or tapping as it deals with the emotional issues—Reiki because it can help the body emotionally heal by working with this “vast energy stores” in our bodies, meditation, combined with my many years of helping others leave their addictions, I have created the multi method program for quitting smoking.


You will receive 14 MP4 videos that you can watch, and also MP3 audios that have the same information as the videos that you can download and listen at any time.

There are 7 videos on the powerful positive opposite being grateful method. This is the one I used when I quit. Each recording has a different technique and exercise for you to use daily.

Then a 16 minute video on EFT or tapping. This will show you in detail how to use EFT to end your cravings.

Then 3 videos on NLP-and how to use the anchoring technique to stop your cravings

And then a night self hypnosis to play as you are going to sleep

A morning self hypnosis to start your day positive and stress free

A subliminal recording with music and nature sounds to play at anytime

An audio with positive suggestions and affirmations that you can play anytime.


For those who are concerned about gaining weight I have included a bonus self hypnosis on controlling your weight while quitting smoking.  

Email Support anytime you have questions. You will also be on our email list and receive regular updates and encouragement. 

Free beginner self hypnosis to help you get started if you are a little doubtful on how to begin

I doesn’t matter how you learn, or what method you prefer, there is an exercise and technique here that you will enjoy and that will work for you so you can have success in quitting.

Once you have  tried all of them, you can decide which ones you prefer and use them daily until your cravings are gone and your desire to smoke is not longer there.


Many are, and I don’t blame you, when I first used the internet to purchase I was too. This is one reason we use Pay Pal. It gives our customers security and peace of mind on their purchase.

We do give a 100% money back guarantee on all our products. You have 30 days to use the program, if you are not satisfied we will return your money no questions asked.

Hollywood has created many myths about hypnosis, please go to our FAQ page to find the truths about hypnosis. 

These programs have been professionally written and recorded so that you will gain the maximum results and I have total confidence in them. I have been helping people leave their addictions and improve the quality of life for more then 40 years. 

The cost of the program is less then a carton of cigarettes, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 



100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after 30 days, I will refund your money no questions asked