James talks about his session on quitting smoking and how easy it was for him. 

Sabina Angie Gibbs

Can’t thank Arvin enough, can’t say I am completly cured but I can say I have never looked at a Reese peanut butter cup I did not love

Now I just see a chocolate bar with no more emotion then what I feel when I look at a wall.

Arvin has helped me by supplying resources such as audio files for meditation techniques for beginners, tapping videos online, and in person hypnosis. With his extensive experience in the field he is able to relate to his clients and assist with positive changes for personal growth. Arvin is friendly and located in a central part of Edmonton. So glad to have found EZ Hypnosis.


Heather (Edmonton)

2 days ago for Three Hypnosis Sessions. I booked the 3 and I think it’s going to be a great investment in myself

Brian Nogaro

Area Manager | Sales at Liberty Security

Arvin did a presentation for our sales team at Liberty Security and I would highly recommend him for any other sales teams. He engages the audience, is thought provoking and leaves everyone with great takeaways for anyone in Sales. It was engaging, interactive and everyone left with more energy than when they came man, he knocked it out of the park!

Cassandra C. ·

Arvin has a way of getting to the core of your issues. It was more of a therapy session where you reframe your thinking. At the end there was more of what you’d expect from hypnosis. Because he has spent time talking to you, what he is saying is personal, relevant and that much more poignant. This session has helped me immensely.

Dominika M. ·

What an amazing experience. From the second I met Arvin I instantly felt this feeling of comfort. His positivity and approach is so calming and I look forward to our next meeting. Highly recommend Arvin!!!!

Sabina G

Cant say enough about Arvin, trust me when I say he will help you change your life.

Samantha K. 

Arvin is great and I would highly recommend seeing him !

Soph S. ·

Arvin, is a wonderful warm soul. He makes helped me with the apprehension I had regarding hypnosis. The session was productive.